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Blance Noir's August Bourneville ( Bailey ),


DKCH DEVDHCH Holleufer's Genius Gambler,


Holleufer's Santos De Sérénité.

Bailey on Mont Jura France

summer 2013.

Gambler on Mont Jura France

summer 2013.

Santos at home 9 weeks

Dec 2013.

Father and son sleeping together

Dec 2013.





National Show Bremen 03/08/14,

Judge Gabriele Runge (D)


Blance Noir's August Bourneville:

Excellent, 1. winner of Veteran Class and BOB VETERAN, VDH VCAC, IKFB VCAC

In the BIS ring he was chosen between the 6 best Veterans, Judge: Dr.Orietta Zilli , (Italy)


Holleufer's Genius Gambler:

Excellent , 1.winner of Champion Class, VDH CAC


Holleufer's Santos De Sérénité:

Excellent, 3.winner of Junior Class


Danish Bulldog Club show

Aarhus 26/01/14


Holleufer's Santos De Sérénité 3 and 1/2 month old at his first dogshow.


2 winner in baby class.


We are so proud of our little boy.

New family member


Holleufer's Santos De Sérénité.


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