Blance Noir's August Bourneville (Bailey)






Name: DEVDHVCH IKFBVCH KBHVV14 KLBVV14 Blance Noir's August Bourneville

Call name: "Bailey"


Born: 02/08/2006


Mother: Blance Noir´s Ursanne De Luc

Father: Koncord Kinibox


Health Certificat: 210/2013



  • German VDH Veteran Champion
  • German Club Veteran Champion
  • Copenhagen Veteran Winner 2014 (Res.Copenhagen Winner 2014)
  • Best Open Class Male of the year 2010
  • Best Veteran of the year 2014
  • Rostock Sieger 2009
  • German Veteran Winner 2014
  • Leipzig Veteran Sieger 2014
  • BundesveteranenSieger 2014
  • HerbstveteranenSieger 2014


Bailey's pedigree can be found by following this link: "Blance Noir's August Bourneville Pedigree at Ingrus"

Bailey is the reason we fell in Love with the breed , he is a very smart and very loving Frenchie.He has worked with Obedience (Diploma) and with Agility, and also participated in dog shows where he always does he's best to please he's handler .





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