DKCH DEVDHCH Holleufer's Genius Gambler






Name: DKCH DEVDHCH Holleufer's Genius Gambler

Call name: Gambler


Born: 10/10/2009


Health certificat: 211/2013


Mother: Gestelle De La Parure

Father: Holleufer's Darko Noir Le Suprime






Gambler's pedigree can be found by following this link: "Holleufer's Genius Gambler Pedigree at Ingrus"


Holleufer's Genius Gambler is both Danish champion (DKCH) and German champion (DEVDHCH).

In 2012 he became Male of the Year, Open Class, In Denmark.


Gambler is our 2.nd Frenchie, he is our little bunch of joy, he is always happy and full of fun.




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